Thursday, May 31, 2012

Juss Russ.

I'm going to need Usher and Chris Brown to just step aside, because I found someone new and better. Just saying!

Name: Juss Russ
Genres: R&B/Rap/Hip Hop
Where to find him:

You can also find him on but you'll have to search him yourself, because the link on his page didn't work.

But anyway, this guy is insane. That's right. Insane + bolded letters. That's how good he is. I mean, come on, I told Usher and Chris Brown to step aside! You know this kid ain't playing. 

I was really, very not excited to have to listen and write this. I honestly cannot stand to listen to rap music. It annoys the hell out of me. I find it pointless and mind numbing. And I'm not saying Juss Russ's music is super meaningful and holds the key to happiness in life, but it made me want to listen.

And isn't that truly the first purpose of music? To make you listen?

Juss Russ's voice is sent from the heavens, no lie. I'm really mad right now actually, because I can't listen to more of it. My Internet is being extremely sketchy, and normally when it's like this, I do a post over something else, but not a review. But I want everyone to know this guy's name. Juss Russ is amazing. 

Go listen. Right now. Especially if you love R&B/rap/hip hop, because you'll find a new obsession. And not just because he's extremely attractive.