Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zac Koval.

Ha, finally. I've been waiting to post on this kid forever. He's a real gem, as well as a real cutie. (; (feelin' special Zac? You got my first text-smiley haha.)

Name: Zac Koval
Genres: Indie/Pop/Acoustic
Where to find him:

Okay, so this guy. Where to start? He's great. He's clean. He's simple. He's not flashy, yet he stays memorable. He sings from the heart. He reminded me first off of the acoustic NeverShoutNever, but on his Reverb Nation profile, under his "sounds like" tab, it says he sounds like Matt Nathanson, which I can totally see. 

This 17-year-old has such a mature sound, and he has the music that could melt your heart (or as a friend of mine said, your panties. Eep! Not my words, but probably very true. No comment.). I love how he doesn't overproduce or feel the need to add a bunch to his music. He keeps it clean with his guitar and his voice - the only two instruments that an artist should need. Personally my favorite type of music, because you know it's real. You know it's him, and you know he really and truly is that talented.

I wish I could say I know where some free downloads are at for this guy, but I can't. (I know, makes me sad too.) So save up some iTunes credits, and get your fill of Zac on there. 

Keep putting out the tunes lovely! You're doing great!

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