Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Okay, so I am so pumped for this post. These guys only have one song on their PureVolume profile, but I'm pretty sure I listened to it a million times already. I'm in love with it.

Name: CompanyCompany (Or COCO, as they are usually referred to by I have seen.)
Genres: Alternative/Rock
Where to find them:

So, now for the real stuff, that everyone loves to read. This band is amazing. They're off the hook. They're fresh, and fun, and they're original. I wish I knew which on of the guys was the vocalist (they have a list of names, but no job description ha. Dang.), because I am in love with his voice. It's sexy and raspy, and manly. (;

Ha. No, for real. His voice is so original. You could pick him out on the radio. You all know what I mean. They're wouldn't be any guessing. You would automatically know, "Oh, that's COCO." 

And I mean that for their music too. Obviously their music, but I mean the instrumental. The style. However you want to call it. I'm no professional. I just know that it's very fresh and very fun, and you can hear their style shine through. 

All in all, I cannot wait to hear more music from this band. They are absolutely amazing.

(P.S. guys, don't you just love their picture?! So creative.)

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