Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sail by the Stars.

For those of you who are a fan of NeverShoutNever, then you'll be in love with the artist featured in this post.

Name: Sail by the Stars
Genres: Powerpop/Rock
Where to find him:

Josh Koterba is the creator of Sail by the Stars, a one-man sunny-pop/rock band. He has taken on this solo project, and we should all be thankful. His sound is one that just takes your mood up to a better place, and not only that, it makes your heart melt. His lyrics, plus his voice hit you right where it matters, and you'll instantly fall in love with his sound. He does everything himself, making his music even more special, because it makes you think, "Wow. One guy did this?" 

His new EP, Away We Go, features songs like, Cross My Heart and My Shooting Star (two of my personal favorites). They have an upbeat sound, and the guitar is killer. The opening of Cross My Heart is amazing. How this kid hasn't taken off like a rocket is a wonder to me, because his music is something us girls obsess over.

So ladies especially, better be clicking on the links above and check this kid out, because he's going to be huge. And don't we all love that feeling of knowing an artist before they hit big?

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