Friday, May 4, 2012

Dakota Drive.

Band number two to have the spotlight shone on their talents is Dakota Drive from Minneapolis.

Name: Dakota Drive
Genres: Alternative/Progressive/House
Where to find them:

Dakota Drive is not for the faint of heart music lovers. No, their music lends itself to a more creative spirit, and wishes to be heard through ears of non-judgment. And you know what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Dakota Drive artfully captures a new sound that is not yet heard often. Their new EP More To This includes a very talented woman by the name of Andrea O'Connor, and with her voice, and their sound, this EP is unstoppable.

Dakota Drive even describes itself as a "garbage can full of ideas." With the diverse sound that they've encompassed, this is an excellent metaphor for what they are doing. When you listen to Bad Man (Version 2), you get a rocker vibe. To me, it sounds more classic rock mixed with some alternative inspirations. Very mellow, and low key. Switch over to All My Life featuring O'Connor, and you will hear something more lighthearted and acoustic. Two totally different sounds, yet artfully mastered.

I found Dakota Drive on my own. They were listed as the number two band of the day (or something of that sort) on PureVolume, so I figured, "Hey, might as well." And I'm glad I did. Y'all should follow suit, and check them out as well.

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