Monday, May 7, 2012

Eyes to Earth.

Down for an old school rock, with new-age flair? Eyes to Earth is the band that you need to check out.

Name: Eyes to Earth
Genres: Alternative/Rock
Where to find them:

(And I thought that Brick+Mortar had a bunch of sites... ha.)

So as I said, this band is more old school with new-agey inspirations. And I love it. It's something fresh and new. The 1980's rock era was one of, if not, the best eras of music, and this band could easily slip under an 80's inspired sound. Joshua, who I understood on the band's PureVolume profile as the song writer, has done an amazing job of writing lyrics that can be related to easily, and has delivered them in a distinct and unique voice that fits the songs perfectly.

I know I have probably repeated this in every post, but with every band it's true. These guys are creating music that makes you feel. Which now is something that should be looked at with awe, considering our top artists are people like Justin Bieber who sing the same thing over, and over, about wanting to be our boyfriend. Eyes to Earth will touch your heart in a soft and gentle way, allowing their music to completely enter your system until you find yourself with closed eyes and open ears and a heart that is softly feeling the emotions of the song.

I really like this band. Really and honestly. They have some free downloads on their PureVolume profile, as well as their official website, and if you're like me and totally broke, you will definitely appreciate them. Go check them out. You won't regret it.

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