Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Babe mode today ladies, because this boy is SMOKIN'! (His music too, obviously. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing about him. Ha.)

Genres: Dance/Electronic(a)
Where to find him:

So wow, this guy. Where to begin? His music is off the freakin' hook. It's so fresh, and like nothing that's never been done. His new song that's out - free download available until the end of the week btw! Check it out on his Facebook and YouTube profiles - is called Phil, the Mountains Look High, and is a killer combination of electronic/dance and kind of a screamo vibe. Chris (a.k.a. CHALLENGER! for those who don't pick up on that) describes his sound for his new first full length album as a sound that combines, "a lot of synchronized synths that are glitchy, bass blasters, and monster choruses to sing along too. Its hardstyle electro meets hardcore and pop." Great combination, just saying. He also told me that he is very excited to release his new album.

Not only is this guy an amazing artist, he's also very passionate, and very kind. We all know I love to comment on the actual personality of the artist, but to me that's important too. If you make killer music, but don't have a killer attitude, it kills what your music is doing... but no worries with this guy. He's cute; he's talented; he's charming.

All in all, I'd say we need to wait for the explosion after his album is released, because this guy is going big. I feel it.

Check out Phil, the Mountains Look High at this link:
Don't forget to download!

Information from: Interview with CHALLENGER! on 5.15.12

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