Monday, May 14, 2012

While I.

Going a little more hardcore tonight with this band.

Name: While I
Genre: Post Hardcore
Where to find them:

This is an interesting mix, and it gives me some interesting feelings. See, they have this post rock sound, but they are definitely a screamo kind of noise. They're from Mexico, and to be completely honest, I can't tell if their lyrics are in English, or in Spanish, because I feel like I can recognize some of the words, but I'm not sure. Ha. Just a disclaimer if you listen and you think, "Stupid girl..."

But anyway! This band is definitely the band to turn up loud and just get mad. Frustrated? Let it out during their songs, definitely. That's how I feel personally. And since this is my blog, that's what it's about :D

Don't let their genre scare you away. Obviously if you're here, you're listening to music that has a deeper meaning the Lady Gaga, so have an open mind. Click on that PureVolume link anyway and go for it.

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