Sunday, May 6, 2012


Don't let this next band's cover art scare you away, because Brick+Mortar is, in hip, new lingo terms, "going ham," with their music.

Name: Brick+Mortar
Genres: Drum and Bass/Indie
Where to find them:

(Is this band everywhere?!)

So, I will not lie. I was a little nervous to listen to this one. First off, they messaged me on PureVolume saying the same thing a million times, which made me wonder if they knew how to use a computer. Then I went to their profile, and saw their picture (the picture above), and I nearly gave up, because I figured they would be a hardcore/screamo band, only weirder.

BUT, I listened anyway, and I'm happy I did, because Brick+Mortar has an unique sound. Not just in the music, but their voices sound different as well. A kind of a different that pulls you in, and makes you listen. Their sound is that of new age. A genre that hasn't even been created yet. They're definitely pioneering a new sound for many more bands to come. They just prove the fact that you cannot judge a book by its cover, because they're music is much better than their choice of photography. (No offense guys!)

I would recommend Brick+Mortar for any fan of new  music... as in, new and undiscovered sound. They truly are something of creative genius. The three songs they have on their PureVolume website - Heatstroke, Move To The Ocean, and For Yellow Walls - pretty much sum everything up, and you can get a great idea of what these guys are about.

I would definitely keep an eye out on this one. Definitely.

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