Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why I'm Here.

Why I am here is a simple reason; one that doesn't take too much thinking, or complicated reasoning.

I am here for the fact that I am in love with music. Real music. Music that has meaning, and music that matters. Music that reaches into your heart, and tells the truth. It explains so much more than what simple words could ever explain.

Most music that does this, however, is music that is unknown. It is sub-mainstream, and it is underground. The only way you'll find it, is if you are really looking.

I Can Music takes out the, "finding it yourself," part of that. I'm going to blog about artists that I find on and on Twitter, and just on my own. I won't necessarily give a review, or a "critique" if you will, but I'm making my mission more of the world finding a better taste in music.

Make sense?

So please, just check out who I post. Become a fan. Follow them. Like them. Download their free music if it is available.

Most of all, keep on supporting real artists.


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