Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happiness Through Hurt.

Tonight's post is going to focus on a band by the name of Happiness Through Hurt. How true?

Name: Happiness Through Hurt
Genres: Indie/Emo/Alternative
Where to find them: 
Happiness Through Hurt has a sound that can be described by their own name. Their music has a ring to it that takes you on a journey... a journey from hurt to your happiness. You can feel it behind their lyrics. It's one amazing thing to make the heart feel in your songs. That alone is an amazing talent that is not common in most music. But Happiness Through Hurt takes it a step further. They go an extra mile (if you can excuse the cliche), and they make feel more than just one emotion.

They have the kind of music that I call healing. You can listen to it, and just cry. Or laugh. Or smile. Or hate, and just as easily, love. You can just sit in your room, and hide away from the world, and you can let Happiness Through Hurt heal your pain for you. It's the kind of music that has to truly be listened to though. No half way listening for these guys, otherwise you miss the whole point of their message.

Check them out, and let them know what you think. They appreciate feedback, and they are a band that is grateful for input. Nice people, definitely...

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