Saturday, July 21, 2012

Destins Tide.

Okay, so I am happy to say that we are finally back, continuing to share our love for music! I really do apologize for going missing for so long, but technology... what are we going to do with it?

Name: Destins Tide
Genres: PowerPop/Pop Punk/Rock
Where to find them:

Alright, so coming back with a bang I must say because Destins Tide is pretty great. Seriously, from vocals to instrumental to lyrics... they are on point with it all. Everything meshes together beautifully in a way that some bands fail to do. Their sound is that of one that is original, yet familiar, so you feel comfortable listening to them. Your ears aren't straining to decide if they like what they hear or not, because it's not a sound that is so out there and strange.

The light screaming in the songs is a nice touch as well. It's not too much to where an average listener would be turned off, but it's just enough for a screamo-fanatic would be disappointed. Music is about a careful balance, and Destins Tide has it perfectly figured out for themselves. 

Go to their PureVolume page (after liking them on Facebook of course) and download their two free downloads as well. 
Good stuff they have. The ones that are free are my personal favorites.

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