Thursday, May 24, 2012

No Sleep for Lucy.

Going international again tonight. Stockholm holds some talent I must say.

Name: No Sleep for Lucy
Genres: Alternative/Rock
Where to find them:

No where else... at least according to their PureVolume profile. But that's cool. We still totally dig them, even though they are not social networking savvy. 

Anyway, as the name suggests, No Sleep for Lucy has produced some true pump up music, that gets your blood going. It's exciting. It's rock with a twist - hence the alternative/rock genre. They have it all taken care of on the spectrum. The slow and sensitive to the emotional-high. And each are artfully mastered with toned-down, yet powerful, instrumental and a soft and attention-grabbing voice.

Words are alluding me tonight, and I'm not quite sure. And maybe they are because No Sleep for Lucy isn't super typical. What I'm really digging about them at the moment is the fact that they sound familiar, yet they aren't. You can listen to them and feel comfortable listening. It's like when you climb into bed, and your body just instantly relaxes. Your head hits the pillow, and you feel comfy. 

Imagine that, but your heart is hitting its pillow, and just chilling. That's how listening to their music feels. And it's quite nice, just saying. 

So yea, I think just by that simile you should feel the need to check them out. So go. Do it. Now. Enjoy (:

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