Monday, May 21, 2012

Kanvas King.

Boom! Internet is back up, and rollin'! Heck yea! Just in time for some dupstep coverage.

Name: Kanvas King
Genres: Electronica/House
Where to find him:

Alrighty, so this guy here. He makes some pretty hot dupstep mixes. Original, electric (literally), and totally something that someone sober could trip over. One of those you have to hear for yourself. The best description I could give is it reminds me of old school gaming, only futurized (is futurized a word? No. But I just made it one.), and just better in general ha. He balances the perfect amount of lyrics with electric beats.

I know that dupstep is more of an "Asian" thing, at least around here anyway, but I feel like his music doesn't need to be stereotyped. One of my friends, who doesn't dig this kind of music, is actually a fan of good ol' Nathan. So open up your box, and check him out.

And totally unrelated, but I just watched the Silent Library episode with NeverShoutNever. Epicly hilarious ha. You can find it in two parts on YouTube.
Anyway, check Kanvas King out!

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