Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I've been lacking in the blogging department lately. Life has been kicking my ass bad lately, and I don't have much time.

And I need a moment to vent. Because no one around is worth venting to.

First off, this would've marked the two year anniversary for one of the greatest relationships I've ever had. Of course, with my luck, it did not make it two years. I'm holding on to something that I should've let go, whatever, I've heard it all. Judge me. And it's not even that I'm holding onto him. I'm holding onto that happy feeling that I haven't gotten in about a year and a half since he left. I'm holding onto every smile, and laugh, and memory that has already happened, but won't ever happen again. On top of it, he now has a girlfriend that hates me, and won't allow us to be friends because she's insecure in her relationship.

Screw you, hoe.

Secondly, my car almost got towed this morning for no reason other than I parked close to the band cones. Excuse me for not parking in your box, but next to it my kind sir. I swear... dumbest BS I've ever seen in my life. So dumb. So, so dumb. I was lucky that one of the girls in my class came in late and told me because otherwise, I would've been carless this afternoon. I love the band to death, but do you really need the whole damn parking lot to practice? Nope. And why don't they just go on the field? There's no one on there during first period, so have at it. Leave us innocent bystanders alone, and let us park where ever we want.

Thirdly, I'm in my dual credit class right now. I have no work for my economics class (yay) and no work for school. So essentially I have nothing to do. My master plan for today to waste away these pointless 50 minutes with a teacher I cannot stand was to get on PureVolume, listen to some bands that have backed up, write my blogs, and have them ready to post.

But of course, with my luck, as my luck is going, that can't happen. Why? Because the two other girls I share my class with have decided that they need the headphones. It's not like I don't use them every day. It's not like music isn't my life or gets me through. Nahhhhh, who cares? Let's have headphones dangle from our neck and talk, so I can't use them.

Now commence the longest class period of my life.

I've been so mad lately. And so frustrated. I had a fabulous weekend. But I feel as if that was just a break between the sucking. Senior year is supposed to be fun right?

Not for me... hate to burst any hopeful seniors out there, but this is the second worst year of my high school career, and it's only been the first six weeks. Curious for the order?
It goes:
- Freshman
- Senior
- Sophomore
- Junior

What I would do to be a junior again, ha. But of course I also want to just get the hell out of here, so I'm happy with where I am in that sense. College Station can't be any closer to mine.

Yes. I am an Aggie. (;

I'm pretty sure this is the longest post I've ever written. I'll stop boring y'all with details about my life. Y'all come here for music. Not for my whining.

To add some music, check out these songs:

- Oh Well, Oh Well by MayDay Parade; my anthem lately. Love the lyrics. Plus Derek's voice is just sexy a'f.
- Magic by Never Shout Never; their newest release. I love it. It's so cute and sounds like his old stuff. If you've lost hope in Chris, no need, because he's coming back. So excited for his solo release too.
- Hills Like White Elephants by Isles and Glaciers; I'll be doing a more in depth  post over these guys. It's a supergroup including Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, Jonny Craig, Craig Owens, Nick Martin, Brian Southhall, and Matt Goddard. Insane stuff.
- King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men; my favorite. Love this song. So cute and sweet.
- The Boy with the Arab Strap by Belle and Sebastian; some of my favorite lyrics come from this song (Color my life with the chaos of trouble). Great little tune. It's an oldie, but a goodie.

Alright people. Done. Enjoy and have nice lives.

If you need to vent back, go for it. Comment away.