Friday, May 25, 2012


Masters of balance were found tonight.

Name: Interfate
Genres: Rock/Grunge
Where to find them:

Okay, so masters of balance. Wondering how right? Well listen. To me, and their music, but yes, listen. They have successfully and artfully master rock and screamo combined together. There isn't so much screaming that you give up listening, and they scream in a way that is still understandable, so it doesn't just sound like globbidity-goop.

Also, their guitarist? Oh my... we had a discussion at supper tonight, about if I was president. Well, this kid would be my guitarist, and we would all come together and chill while listening to him play. Their guitarist is sick. I mean, insanely great. I was very impressed, on so many different levels.

All in all, this is a great band, even if you don't particularly dig screamers, because like I said, it's artfully done. Everything is balanced out to perfection.

Side notes -
  1. Check out the new background and static page buttons. Killer right? Martin and I worked hard. Applause for Martin.
  2. Be watching for a post about following the blog and getting some free music. I'm working on it, and I'm close to being ready to post!
  3. I hope y'all are all really enjoying the bands that I'm posting about. We've reached over 600 page views in less than a month, and that is awesome. So thank you guys. The bands I post over are hard workers that deserve this recognition. They deserve the acknowledgement I'm trying to give.
  4. This post will cover today (Friday) as well as tomorrow (Saturday...) for some reasons... Tomorrow I'll be dancing the night away at prom, so no post! But that's okay, because we're all going to be busy obsessing over Interfate right? Knew it. That's okay. Haha. We'll be back on track on Sunday though!
Thanks guys!

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  1. We would like to thank you and show our deepest gratitude. That is the reason we started to make music in the first place. It is something we love and enjoy doing. Not just another hobby.