Monday, July 2, 2012

Houston's Vans Warped Tour


So first off, I must say mind is blown. That was an amazing day. Ah-mazing.

That was the nasty weather that Cory and I drove in. Talk about horrendous. It didn't take us that long to get there, but just the fact that this is what we were driving in that was scary. 
And I'm not going to lie, I was extremely impressed at the crowd's ability to not whine about rain. Everyone was determined to have fun, and that's what happened. It was really great to be around people that love music as much as I do. We were all there for the bands we loved, and to support them. And the bands were there for us. (More on that in a bit.)

This was the Monster Stage, like right when you walked in. Probably one of the bigger stages for a couple reasons... one there was tons of space over there, and two, the stage itself was big ha. This picture in particular was when we were waiting on Chelsea Grin to play. Extra kudos to that guy, because he was hella sick! When he was talking, he sounded horrible, but he still got on stage and screamed his heart out. What was even more impressive is that he still sounded absolutely amazing! Other bands that we saw on the Monster Stage were:
- Vampires Everywhere!

We saw this band on accident. They were weird as hell! Ha. We thought that Motionless in White was going to come on, but realized we were mistaken when a guy came out with some serious make up and his arms taped around his back with a cardboard sign that said, "Hellbound I." (Which we found out was their new album.) We left but came back to listen, and I must say, they were really good at what they were doing. Cory and I were very impressed although we would like the lead singer to know that crack kills. 

- Motionless in White
I know this picture is super tiny and you can't really see, but that is Motionless in White on stage. They. Were. Amazing. I was so impressed. I mean, I listened to, and enjoyed, their music before, but live is so much different. It's better. It's intoxicating. And that's really for any band. I loved watching them, and it was awesome because the boys went to the middle to mosh while us girls stayed back and just danced and talked and had fun. Motionless in White definitely put on an impressive show. They really came in close to Pierce the Veil.

- Mayday Parade

I was extremely disappointed with Mayday Parade. I love their album A Lesson in Romantics, but not super into their newest album. And that is all they freaking played! I was really wanting to hear some classics. But not only that, in Houston (and I say that because in San Antonio my friend said this didn't happen), they were lip singing! Words were coming out of the speakers, being sung beautifully, but not a single person was at a microphone. Either their singer is just that talented, or they were lip singing. Believe what you want, but I was so upset. It's like someone had told me that Santa wasn't real. After that we all just walked away.

This was the Kia Rio stage. Main stage to be completely accurate. I thought the Monster Stage was the main stage, but I was wrong! Ha. Right here The Used is playing, and they were awesome. I had never heard their music before (oops. Sorry world.) so hearing them live for the first time was like my ears having their virginity taken from them ha. We were jamming to them from the Monster bar, which by the way if you haven't gone to Warped Tour yet you have to go to. I will make a side note that the Monster bar was insane. The line was pretty long, but we were in in about 10 minutes, and you get all the free Monster you want, plus AC! If the other places are set up like in Houston, this is the best place for a good view of the Kia Rio stage.
Some other bands we saw here were;
- All Time Low

I was so excited to see them! AGH! Haha. I have a picture of them onstage, but it's nothing special, so no sharing haha. I loved their show. They honestly did a fabulous job. What was unique to them, that the other bands didn't do too much of, was they actually talked to the crowd. They were hilarious. My favorite question was, "Who's feeling sexual today?!" It was great ha. 

- Pierce the Veil

Best. Show. Ever. Stage was freaking amazing (as you can tell) and their show was freaking amazing. I can't even think up words to describe how insane this was. I was so close to the mosh that I was getting pushed around. I almost got kicked in the head twice from crowd surfers. And it was great ha. I was just jumping around like everyone else, singing/screaming along. Haven't gone to Warped? Go to Pierce the Veil.

The Battle of the Bands stage was pretty cool... more of my speed. This is Chunk! No Captain, Chunk. They're French. They scream. They rock. Other bands that played here include A Mid-Summer Classic (ran into Robert Dobbs like 5 times, just walking around.) and A Midnight Chicago. This was a really chill spot to just be around.

Fun fact about this picture: We the Kings was filming their music video to their newest release right here. The crowd went absolutely insane. It was great. I had to document the moment. Everyone be jealous.

Okay, so I know that some of you must know who these guys are. For those that don't, this is the band Miss May I. Now here is an amazingly fun story to tell... ha. 

The guy with the long curly hair is Levi Benton, their lead singer. You see how close I was standing... we were there looking at shirts, and Levi was taking a bit of a break in between signing, when I noticed him looking me up and down. Yea, that's right, ME. Levi-freaking-Benton was checking me out. So I said hey, and he goes, "Oh hello," with an adorable smile. Then Cory couldn't decide if he wanted to buy a shirt, because he wanted it signed, but couldn't get it signed because we didn't have a ticket, but then I was a genius, and stalled by taking this picture with Levi:
It was awesome. I was all like, "Hey man! Take a picture with me?!" and he answered with, "Uh, yea?! Sure!" So we took this and then he signed my warped ticket. It was great. After we left he said, "Nice to meet you! Always nice to meet a pretty girl.." and then I smiled huge. It was awwwwwwwww-some! 
In case y'all are wondering, Cory did get his picture with Levi, and his Miss May I shirt signed by him too. 

So all in all, it was probably the greatest day of my life. For real.

So share your Warped stories, and best of luck to those that are going! Tomorrow I'll write some tips for first timers that I learned yesterday. (: