Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Queen's Revenants.

Members of the royal court grace I Can Music tonight.

Name: The Queen's Revenants
Genres: Indie/Alternative
Where to find them:

That's all. Ha. But that's okay, because that's the place to listen right?

Okay, so this band I like for several reasons. Probably, most likely will not be writing about most of them, because I'm writing this as my parents are talking loudly, but I'll do my best.

So first reason to like them is they sound foreign. But they aren't. They're from Wisconsin. I guess maybe it's the accent up there, but the lead singer's voice just sounds European. And I like it. His voice is raspy, and warm. Your ears are pulled into listening to their music.

Second, I love the instrumental. They have such diverse talents. The first song you'll listen to (Drive Away) is slow, and more somber. Then the second song (Hey Marigold) is more upbeat and has a happier tone. Diversity is great. No one really cares about those bands that always whine or are always happy. We all need the in between, and The Queen's Revenants are a great example.

So check out their PureVolume profile (:
You'll be satisfied.

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