Thursday, May 31, 2012

Juss Russ.

I'm going to need Usher and Chris Brown to just step aside, because I found someone new and better. Just saying!

Name: Juss Russ
Genres: R&B/Rap/Hip Hop
Where to find him:

You can also find him on but you'll have to search him yourself, because the link on his page didn't work.

But anyway, this guy is insane. That's right. Insane + bolded letters. That's how good he is. I mean, come on, I told Usher and Chris Brown to step aside! You know this kid ain't playing. 

I was really, very not excited to have to listen and write this. I honestly cannot stand to listen to rap music. It annoys the hell out of me. I find it pointless and mind numbing. And I'm not saying Juss Russ's music is super meaningful and holds the key to happiness in life, but it made me want to listen.

And isn't that truly the first purpose of music? To make you listen?

Juss Russ's voice is sent from the heavens, no lie. I'm really mad right now actually, because I can't listen to more of it. My Internet is being extremely sketchy, and normally when it's like this, I do a post over something else, but not a review. But I want everyone to know this guy's name. Juss Russ is amazing. 

Go listen. Right now. Especially if you love R&B/rap/hip hop, because you'll find a new obsession. And not just because he's extremely attractive.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Check It Out 3.

You know, I'm not particularly feeling a full on post tonight. I'm not sure why.

Life has been a little stressful lately, and I'm just really not feeling like reviewing a band. I mean, who am I to decide how great a band really is?

Just not really in that kind of mood and I am in that kind of mood, you know?

You know.

So anyways, I figured I would just give some suggestions. I have Pandora on my iPhone - should kiss whoever created that - and I really want to suggest some songs. So here we go...

  1. Almost Lover by Fine Frenzy - Found this song on my NeverShoutNever Radio Station. Ha. So yea, anyway, this song just spoke to my heart. It really just spoke what I've been going through and I was brought to tears.
  2. A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope - Once again, NeverShoutNever Radio... I knew this song before though. I love this song. It's such an amazing heartfelt love song.
  3. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths - Found on The Cure Radio Station. I was really hoping to hear some of their music. I really fell for this one. Just listen. It's great.
  4. She's Killing Me by A Rocket to the Moon - NSN Radio. I fell in love with this song, just because it describes my relationship with someone. I feel like it will to a lot of people.
  5. Sand In Your Shoes by This Providence - I feel like this one came on the Go Radio Station. But this one is just a chill song. It'll mellow you out.
Check these songs out. If you have Pandora, make a station from them. I highly suggest it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Updates 2.

Heller there world.
Got some more updates for you.

First off, I'm on summer break, so let's see what awesome things summer brings me. I'm still working on the challenge/contest for you guys.
I'll release the name of who I'm teaming up with right now... MishaRecords! That's all you get to know for now, but we're coming up with some awesome stuff for y'all.
If you don't know who I'm talking about, check him out. His post is here.

Second, I want to make an update for No Sleep for Lucy. I didn't have any social media for y'all to go to, but they messaged me with some updated sites. So here we go:

They do exist past PureVolume! Yay! Haha. So yea, go like them, follow them, and listen.

I'm pretty sure that's all I have for you guys right now... I can't think of anything else. Not like it matters, I'll just post again haha. So check ya later!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Queen's Revenants.

Members of the royal court grace I Can Music tonight.

Name: The Queen's Revenants
Genres: Indie/Alternative
Where to find them:

That's all. Ha. But that's okay, because that's the place to listen right?

Okay, so this band I like for several reasons. Probably, most likely will not be writing about most of them, because I'm writing this as my parents are talking loudly, but I'll do my best.

So first reason to like them is they sound foreign. But they aren't. They're from Wisconsin. I guess maybe it's the accent up there, but the lead singer's voice just sounds European. And I like it. His voice is raspy, and warm. Your ears are pulled into listening to their music.

Second, I love the instrumental. They have such diverse talents. The first song you'll listen to (Drive Away) is slow, and more somber. Then the second song (Hey Marigold) is more upbeat and has a happier tone. Diversity is great. No one really cares about those bands that always whine or are always happy. We all need the in between, and The Queen's Revenants are a great example.

So check out their PureVolume profile (:
You'll be satisfied.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Masters of balance were found tonight.

Name: Interfate
Genres: Rock/Grunge
Where to find them:

Okay, so masters of balance. Wondering how right? Well listen. To me, and their music, but yes, listen. They have successfully and artfully master rock and screamo combined together. There isn't so much screaming that you give up listening, and they scream in a way that is still understandable, so it doesn't just sound like globbidity-goop.

Also, their guitarist? Oh my... we had a discussion at supper tonight, about if I was president. Well, this kid would be my guitarist, and we would all come together and chill while listening to him play. Their guitarist is sick. I mean, insanely great. I was very impressed, on so many different levels.

All in all, this is a great band, even if you don't particularly dig screamers, because like I said, it's artfully done. Everything is balanced out to perfection.

Side notes -
  1. Check out the new background and static page buttons. Killer right? Martin and I worked hard. Applause for Martin.
  2. Be watching for a post about following the blog and getting some free music. I'm working on it, and I'm close to being ready to post!
  3. I hope y'all are all really enjoying the bands that I'm posting about. We've reached over 600 page views in less than a month, and that is awesome. So thank you guys. The bands I post over are hard workers that deserve this recognition. They deserve the acknowledgement I'm trying to give.
  4. This post will cover today (Friday) as well as tomorrow (Saturday...) for some reasons... Tomorrow I'll be dancing the night away at prom, so no post! But that's okay, because we're all going to be busy obsessing over Interfate right? Knew it. That's okay. Haha. We'll be back on track on Sunday though!
Thanks guys!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

No Sleep for Lucy.

Going international again tonight. Stockholm holds some talent I must say.

Name: No Sleep for Lucy
Genres: Alternative/Rock
Where to find them:

No where else... at least according to their PureVolume profile. But that's cool. We still totally dig them, even though they are not social networking savvy. 

Anyway, as the name suggests, No Sleep for Lucy has produced some true pump up music, that gets your blood going. It's exciting. It's rock with a twist - hence the alternative/rock genre. They have it all taken care of on the spectrum. The slow and sensitive to the emotional-high. And each are artfully mastered with toned-down, yet powerful, instrumental and a soft and attention-grabbing voice.

Words are alluding me tonight, and I'm not quite sure. And maybe they are because No Sleep for Lucy isn't super typical. What I'm really digging about them at the moment is the fact that they sound familiar, yet they aren't. You can listen to them and feel comfortable listening. It's like when you climb into bed, and your body just instantly relaxes. Your head hits the pillow, and you feel comfy. 

Imagine that, but your heart is hitting its pillow, and just chilling. That's how listening to their music feels. And it's quite nice, just saying. 

So yea, I think just by that simile you should feel the need to check them out. So go. Do it. Now. Enjoy (:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mikey Kedzorski.

Well, well, well... Mikey, you should definitely feel special. Not only are you my first artist post in awhile, but you also totally skipped to the front of the line. Tonight was actually supposed to be someone else, but since yesterday I said that I was going to be doing your post, I must follow through.

Name: Mikey Kedzorski
Genres: Acoustic/Rock/Folk
Where to find him:

(Warning on the Facebook... I tried to go to his page, but it said, "Sorry, this profile is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later." So no promises it works. But don't be scared to try it.)

Alrighty so my Mikey boy, do tell, what inspires you? Because your songs are adorable. This guy really has a nice clean sound. By now you guys must be picking up on the fact that I favor the acoustic-slash-minimalist sound. That's exactly what he has. His Wouldn't It Be Nice? cover (Beach Boys for those of you that are clueless) is amazing. 

Now I must say, he doesn't have the best voice. You can tell when he's straining a bit to hit his notes, but I kind of like it. It makes him real. He's not perfect, and it gives his music character, because it's not often or extremely noticeable. I like it personally. 

Oh and another thing that is absolutely freaking amazing that I love oh-so-much is the fact that all four of his songs are downloadable off of PureVolume. AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! 
Excitement. This is great. So be sure to download him.

I really dig his sound. Whoever he's singing about should feel special, because you don't just write those kinds of songs about anybody for no reason.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Okay, so kudos to Martin. He's been a part of admin for one day, and he already has my static pages up. And little does he know, I have another project for him already. *insert mischievous text emoticon here*

And because I am quite the busy little bee, I don't have time tonight to post over Mikey Kendorzski... or however you spell. I did that from memory, so if it's actually right, I would be in shock. That will be my follow up tomorrow.

Right now I'm just informing the public about the amazing and spectacular changes to the site, and let everyone know they need to wish me luck tomorrow on my AP U.S. History test. (The main reason why I cannot post over good Mikey... I need as much sleep as possible tonight!)

Martin and I. My favorite picture of us.

So anyways, keep an eye out for more changes! I would also like to remind you all that the Nightbirds are working on their new release, and that MishaRecords has just finished recording his next song. I also hope all of y'all took advantage of CHALLENGER!'s freebie. And also be watching for a contest/deal with all my followers. Right now I only have one (S/O to BCailin!) so I mean, if you want all the prizes to go to them, then be my guest. Otherwise I suggest to follow, because I'm feeling some epic stuff coming up.

That's all. (:


Yayyyyyy, Martin! See, I am HTML-illiterate. Martin, however, is not. So he has decided to be the bestest best friend, and help me out.

Round of applause for Martin! I really appreciate his help. He's awesome, and I lurv him. <3

Also shout out to my computer science teacher, Mr. Chandler, for helping us out. He rocks as well.

Look out for some site updates. YAYYYY!

I wish I could add a picture of me and Martin... that'd be pretty awesome... I'll add one later. We're pretty attractive.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Kanvas King.

Boom! Internet is back up, and rollin'! Heck yea! Just in time for some dupstep coverage.

Name: Kanvas King
Genres: Electronica/House
Where to find him:

Alrighty, so this guy here. He makes some pretty hot dupstep mixes. Original, electric (literally), and totally something that someone sober could trip over. One of those you have to hear for yourself. The best description I could give is it reminds me of old school gaming, only futurized (is futurized a word? No. But I just made it one.), and just better in general ha. He balances the perfect amount of lyrics with electric beats.

I know that dupstep is more of an "Asian" thing, at least around here anyway, but I feel like his music doesn't need to be stereotyped. One of my friends, who doesn't dig this kind of music, is actually a fan of good ol' Nathan. So open up your box, and check him out.

And totally unrelated, but I just watched the Silent Library episode with NeverShoutNever. Epicly hilarious ha. You can find it in two parts on YouTube.
Anyway, check Kanvas King out!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Check It Out 2.


Okay, so something is up with PureVolume. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I now know that it is not my Internet. It won't load the page.

I'm really sorry guys! And while I'm apologizing, sorry for being MIA for the weekend, but I mean come on... it's been the weekend. And I had things to do like house parties and hang out with the boyfriend.

Anyway, this Check It Out is going to mention the Bamboozle festival that was going on in Jersey this weekend. Saturday's line up looked off the damn hook, and I'm SO jealous I couldn't be there. (The one time I would rather be in New Jersey! Ha.) They had my favorite, NeverShoutNever, there, along with Bon Jovi and Big Chocolate. Not to mention The Maine, and more.
So if you were there, way jealous bro.

Now for the 5 songs to go check out:

  1. All My Friends by EATMEWHILEIMHOT! - Well, I mean, obviously my man is the lead singer of this band ha. But not the reason why you should check it out. It's just a pump on song, that everyone can relate to.
  2. I Don't Wanna Love You by Cameron Walker and the Pissed Off Kids - You can find this song on PureVolume. It's pretty insane. I'll be posting about them later.
  3. You Are So Beautiful by Escape the Fate - This song is semi-hardcore. Doesn't sound like it would be, but it is. And if it wasn't, it wouldn't be so great. 
  4. Taste by Josh Abbott Band - Okay, so this band actually pisses me off since their song about the FFA. But this song (a song that came out about a year or so ago) is straight up sexy. One of the most sexual country songs I have ever heard in my life.
  5. The Show by Lenka (Kerris Dorsely Cover) - Lenka does a great job of singing this song, but this is one of those instances when the cover is infinitely better than the original. Dorsely does a great job of toning it down, and making it so innocent. 
So there you go! 5 more songs to add to your playlist. Hope you enjoy. If you download any of these, let me know. And if you have never heard of any of these, and you like one, tell me about it.

And sidenote, I finished this whole post, and PureVolume loaded. -_______-" FML. Oh well, tomorrow. I feel like tomorrow will be a good day. Ha.

Deuces. (;

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Check It Out 1.

So we had an unfortunate series of events tonight. My Intra-net decided to not cooperate, and won't allow me to listen to any music on the Internet.

I apologize, and since I am trying to do a post a day, I figured I would do one anyways, only over songs that you should listen to by various artists. These are going to be by anybody, for any reason. Ready? Good.

  1. A Twist in My Story by Secondhand Serenade - I love this song so much. It's so sweet, and such an amazing love song. It makes me want to grab my ukulele, and learn it. (Still haven't. Working on it.)
  2. Remembering Sunday by All Time Low - So, I pretty much fell in love with this song, because it describes me crazily. Maybe not describes me. I'm not sure. I just can really relate to it. Plus All Time Low is just bad-a to begin with.
  3. Never Look Back by MishaRecords - Party anthem for real. It gets me pumped. I love this song ha. It just makes your foot tap. Lame, I know, but so true.
  4. C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips by OK Go - Just a cute song. It has no point really, but I just love listening to it, especially while I'm getting ready. It's so easy to sing along too.
  5. Complex Heart by NeverShoutNever - This one is a sad one, but you know what? We all need to cry ha. Very relate-able, very true. Plus I just love NSN. Ha.
So I hope you guys can add these songs to your collection on iTunes and enjoy them as much as I do. I have 500+ songs, so maybe I should try to do one of these once a week. Y'all tell me!

That's all (:
Have a great night, and sorry again for the inconvience!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Babe mode today ladies, because this boy is SMOKIN'! (His music too, obviously. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing about him. Ha.)

Genres: Dance/Electronic(a)
Where to find him:

So wow, this guy. Where to begin? His music is off the freakin' hook. It's so fresh, and like nothing that's never been done. His new song that's out - free download available until the end of the week btw! Check it out on his Facebook and YouTube profiles - is called Phil, the Mountains Look High, and is a killer combination of electronic/dance and kind of a screamo vibe. Chris (a.k.a. CHALLENGER! for those who don't pick up on that) describes his sound for his new first full length album as a sound that combines, "a lot of synchronized synths that are glitchy, bass blasters, and monster choruses to sing along too. Its hardstyle electro meets hardcore and pop." Great combination, just saying. He also told me that he is very excited to release his new album.

Not only is this guy an amazing artist, he's also very passionate, and very kind. We all know I love to comment on the actual personality of the artist, but to me that's important too. If you make killer music, but don't have a killer attitude, it kills what your music is doing... but no worries with this guy. He's cute; he's talented; he's charming.

All in all, I'd say we need to wait for the explosion after his album is released, because this guy is going big. I feel it.

Check out Phil, the Mountains Look High at this link:
Don't forget to download!

Information from: Interview with CHALLENGER! on 5.15.12

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Okay, so I am so pumped for this post. These guys only have one song on their PureVolume profile, but I'm pretty sure I listened to it a million times already. I'm in love with it.

Name: CompanyCompany (Or COCO, as they are usually referred to by I have seen.)
Genres: Alternative/Rock
Where to find them:

So, now for the real stuff, that everyone loves to read. This band is amazing. They're off the hook. They're fresh, and fun, and they're original. I wish I knew which on of the guys was the vocalist (they have a list of names, but no job description ha. Dang.), because I am in love with his voice. It's sexy and raspy, and manly. (;

Ha. No, for real. His voice is so original. You could pick him out on the radio. You all know what I mean. They're wouldn't be any guessing. You would automatically know, "Oh, that's COCO." 

And I mean that for their music too. Obviously their music, but I mean the instrumental. The style. However you want to call it. I'm no professional. I just know that it's very fresh and very fun, and you can hear their style shine through. 

All in all, I cannot wait to hear more music from this band. They are absolutely amazing.

(P.S. guys, don't you just love their picture?! So creative.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

While I.

Going a little more hardcore tonight with this band.

Name: While I
Genre: Post Hardcore
Where to find them:

This is an interesting mix, and it gives me some interesting feelings. See, they have this post rock sound, but they are definitely a screamo kind of noise. They're from Mexico, and to be completely honest, I can't tell if their lyrics are in English, or in Spanish, because I feel like I can recognize some of the words, but I'm not sure. Ha. Just a disclaimer if you listen and you think, "Stupid girl..."

But anyway! This band is definitely the band to turn up loud and just get mad. Frustrated? Let it out during their songs, definitely. That's how I feel personally. And since this is my blog, that's what it's about :D

Don't let their genre scare you away. Obviously if you're here, you're listening to music that has a deeper meaning the Lady Gaga, so have an open mind. Click on that PureVolume link anyway and go for it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happiness Through Hurt.

Tonight's post is going to focus on a band by the name of Happiness Through Hurt. How true?

Name: Happiness Through Hurt
Genres: Indie/Emo/Alternative
Where to find them: 
Happiness Through Hurt has a sound that can be described by their own name. Their music has a ring to it that takes you on a journey... a journey from hurt to your happiness. You can feel it behind their lyrics. It's one amazing thing to make the heart feel in your songs. That alone is an amazing talent that is not common in most music. But Happiness Through Hurt takes it a step further. They go an extra mile (if you can excuse the cliche), and they make feel more than just one emotion.

They have the kind of music that I call healing. You can listen to it, and just cry. Or laugh. Or smile. Or hate, and just as easily, love. You can just sit in your room, and hide away from the world, and you can let Happiness Through Hurt heal your pain for you. It's the kind of music that has to truly be listened to though. No half way listening for these guys, otherwise you miss the whole point of their message.

Check them out, and let them know what you think. They appreciate feedback, and they are a band that is grateful for input. Nice people, definitely...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Area III FFA Talent.

So this isn't a typical post. I just wanted to take a post to recognize all of the amazing talent teams that were at the Texas Area III FFA Convention on Friday, May 11, 2012.

I may be biased, but I have to say we had some amazingly talented young people perform. The winner, from Caney Creek FFA Chapter, was amazing. I unfortunately don't know her name, but if you do know her, please let me know.

Short post, but just some recognition for the talent out there that's really and truly undiscovered!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jimmy Bullins.

Let the real Slim Shady stand up... Or Jimmy Bullins. Ha, sorry, I had to. This guy is my first R&B/Rap post.

Name: Jimmy Bullins
Genres: R&B/Club/Acoustic
Where to find him:

So, unfortunately this is going to be a short post (Sorry man), because 1) I am not a "rap" person. And 2) I have to be up at 4 tomorrow to fulfill a previous commitment. Therefore this will probably not be the best blog ever, because I'm tired, and I'm ready for bed and not close to getting there.

But I still wish for the world to know about the one and only Slim Shady (Ha, I'm sorry. I just can't help it. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw his picture.). Jimmy has an exceptional taste for his music, mainly because it's something called tasteful. He isn't super sexual, or degrading. The beat is nice, and it has a real flow. I, as I said, am no fan of rap music really, but his is standable to me, which is saying a lot. Really and truly. 

I think I say that, because I can groove to his songs, as well as actually understand what is being said. That in itself is a great thing.

So even if you are not a rap lover, listen to him anyway. You might surprise yourself.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Nightbirds.

Next artist up for posting is the one and only Nightbirds from the UK.

Name: The Nightbirds
Genre: Alternative/Rock/Progressive
Where to find them:

Alright, so it must be throwback week or something, but once again we have classic rock with thrown in new age inspirations. And you know, I really dig it. I like the sound. Unfortunately there isn't too much that I can say about these guys, because they only have previews of their song up. (Record company issues... what are you going to do?) I can say though that of the 20 - 40 some-odd seconds that I have listened to, I know that this band is confident in themselves and what they are doing. If they aren't, well, good job faking it guys, because you fooled me.

I really, really think that classic rock was the peak of music, and now that some of these bands are throwing back, we're taking music to a whole new level. I can't wait to hear more of the Nightbirds, or Eyes to Earth, because they're music is real. (BTW, Nightbirds and Eyes to Earth? Very similar. If you like E2E then you'll enjoy these guys too. Just to give you an idea.)

Their single Karmalove is being released very soon, so keep an eye out!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zac Koval.

Ha, finally. I've been waiting to post on this kid forever. He's a real gem, as well as a real cutie. (; (feelin' special Zac? You got my first text-smiley haha.)

Name: Zac Koval
Genres: Indie/Pop/Acoustic
Where to find him:

Okay, so this guy. Where to start? He's great. He's clean. He's simple. He's not flashy, yet he stays memorable. He sings from the heart. He reminded me first off of the acoustic NeverShoutNever, but on his Reverb Nation profile, under his "sounds like" tab, it says he sounds like Matt Nathanson, which I can totally see. 

This 17-year-old has such a mature sound, and he has the music that could melt your heart (or as a friend of mine said, your panties. Eep! Not my words, but probably very true. No comment.). I love how he doesn't overproduce or feel the need to add a bunch to his music. He keeps it clean with his guitar and his voice - the only two instruments that an artist should need. Personally my favorite type of music, because you know it's real. You know it's him, and you know he really and truly is that talented.

I wish I could say I know where some free downloads are at for this guy, but I can't. (I know, makes me sad too.) So save up some iTunes credits, and get your fill of Zac on there. 

Keep putting out the tunes lovely! You're doing great!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Eyes to Earth.

Down for an old school rock, with new-age flair? Eyes to Earth is the band that you need to check out.

Name: Eyes to Earth
Genres: Alternative/Rock
Where to find them:

(And I thought that Brick+Mortar had a bunch of sites... ha.)

So as I said, this band is more old school with new-agey inspirations. And I love it. It's something fresh and new. The 1980's rock era was one of, if not, the best eras of music, and this band could easily slip under an 80's inspired sound. Joshua, who I understood on the band's PureVolume profile as the song writer, has done an amazing job of writing lyrics that can be related to easily, and has delivered them in a distinct and unique voice that fits the songs perfectly.

I know I have probably repeated this in every post, but with every band it's true. These guys are creating music that makes you feel. Which now is something that should be looked at with awe, considering our top artists are people like Justin Bieber who sing the same thing over, and over, about wanting to be our boyfriend. Eyes to Earth will touch your heart in a soft and gentle way, allowing their music to completely enter your system until you find yourself with closed eyes and open ears and a heart that is softly feeling the emotions of the song.

I really like this band. Really and honestly. They have some free downloads on their PureVolume profile, as well as their official website, and if you're like me and totally broke, you will definitely appreciate them. Go check them out. You won't regret it.

Question 1.

This post has no band related to it. It's just a question over your personal preference.

I am probably in the absolute worst mood right now, and when I'm like this, I typically find the absolute saddest NeverShoutNever music I have, and play it. Over.

And over.

And over.

And I'm just wondering... what do you guys prefer to listen to when you find yourself down in the dumps? Comment below, and share.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Don't let this next band's cover art scare you away, because Brick+Mortar is, in hip, new lingo terms, "going ham," with their music.

Name: Brick+Mortar
Genres: Drum and Bass/Indie
Where to find them:

(Is this band everywhere?!)

So, I will not lie. I was a little nervous to listen to this one. First off, they messaged me on PureVolume saying the same thing a million times, which made me wonder if they knew how to use a computer. Then I went to their profile, and saw their picture (the picture above), and I nearly gave up, because I figured they would be a hardcore/screamo band, only weirder.

BUT, I listened anyway, and I'm happy I did, because Brick+Mortar has an unique sound. Not just in the music, but their voices sound different as well. A kind of a different that pulls you in, and makes you listen. Their sound is that of new age. A genre that hasn't even been created yet. They're definitely pioneering a new sound for many more bands to come. They just prove the fact that you cannot judge a book by its cover, because they're music is much better than their choice of photography. (No offense guys!)

I would recommend Brick+Mortar for any fan of new  music... as in, new and undiscovered sound. They truly are something of creative genius. The three songs they have on their PureVolume website - Heatstroke, Move To The Ocean, and For Yellow Walls - pretty much sum everything up, and you can get a great idea of what these guys are about.

I would definitely keep an eye out on this one. Definitely.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sail by the Stars.

For those of you who are a fan of NeverShoutNever, then you'll be in love with the artist featured in this post.

Name: Sail by the Stars
Genres: Powerpop/Rock
Where to find him:

Josh Koterba is the creator of Sail by the Stars, a one-man sunny-pop/rock band. He has taken on this solo project, and we should all be thankful. His sound is one that just takes your mood up to a better place, and not only that, it makes your heart melt. His lyrics, plus his voice hit you right where it matters, and you'll instantly fall in love with his sound. He does everything himself, making his music even more special, because it makes you think, "Wow. One guy did this?" 

His new EP, Away We Go, features songs like, Cross My Heart and My Shooting Star (two of my personal favorites). They have an upbeat sound, and the guitar is killer. The opening of Cross My Heart is amazing. How this kid hasn't taken off like a rocket is a wonder to me, because his music is something us girls obsess over.

So ladies especially, better be clicking on the links above and check this kid out, because he's going to be huge. And don't we all love that feeling of knowing an artist before they hit big?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dakota Drive.

Band number two to have the spotlight shone on their talents is Dakota Drive from Minneapolis.

Name: Dakota Drive
Genres: Alternative/Progressive/House
Where to find them:

Dakota Drive is not for the faint of heart music lovers. No, their music lends itself to a more creative spirit, and wishes to be heard through ears of non-judgment. And you know what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Dakota Drive artfully captures a new sound that is not yet heard often. Their new EP More To This includes a very talented woman by the name of Andrea O'Connor, and with her voice, and their sound, this EP is unstoppable.

Dakota Drive even describes itself as a "garbage can full of ideas." With the diverse sound that they've encompassed, this is an excellent metaphor for what they are doing. When you listen to Bad Man (Version 2), you get a rocker vibe. To me, it sounds more classic rock mixed with some alternative inspirations. Very mellow, and low key. Switch over to All My Life featuring O'Connor, and you will hear something more lighthearted and acoustic. Two totally different sounds, yet artfully mastered.

I found Dakota Drive on my own. They were listed as the number two band of the day (or something of that sort) on PureVolume, so I figured, "Hey, might as well." And I'm glad I did. Y'all should follow suit, and check them out as well.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012


First artist that I'm bringing to the world's attention: MishaRecords.

Name: MishaRecords.
Genres: Electronica/Rock/Pop
Where to find him:

This guy is VERY talented. He messaged me on PureVolume, the day after I made one, and asked me to check out his music.
I agreed, obviously, and let me tell you, I am so happy I did.

I'm not a music professional. Just a teenage girl with hopes of making it big in the writing world, but I can tell you right now that this guy is going places, and you better jump onto this train right now!

My favorite song that I have by him right now is probably Never Look Back from his album Semi Bright Lights. His music is a delicate balance of meaning something, being relate-able, and being something that you can jam to (hard core.. in your room.. really embarrassingly [or out loud in public. Either way. His music is on fire.]). What he has accomplished is something of intricacy. On his PureVolume profile, there is a quote from the music critic, Jake Hougaboom, that I completely agree with.

"In a time where musicians forget, or just plain can't, make an interesting album without overproducing, MishaRecords walks this line perfectly."
His voice alone is a natural talent, but the producing and writing is completely ingenious as well. Electronica always makes me a little bit nervous, because there is definitely a thing as too much electronic-sound. Not with MishaRecords, no way. Like I said: intricate, delicate, balanced.

Not only is this guy an amazing musician, he's also a really nice, down-to-earth kind of fellow, and that in society today is something of uniqueness. I was very impressed by how personable he was, and how genuine he is.

Definitely an artist to check out.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why I'm Here.

Why I am here is a simple reason; one that doesn't take too much thinking, or complicated reasoning.

I am here for the fact that I am in love with music. Real music. Music that has meaning, and music that matters. Music that reaches into your heart, and tells the truth. It explains so much more than what simple words could ever explain.

Most music that does this, however, is music that is unknown. It is sub-mainstream, and it is underground. The only way you'll find it, is if you are really looking.

I Can Music takes out the, "finding it yourself," part of that. I'm going to blog about artists that I find on and on Twitter, and just on my own. I won't necessarily give a review, or a "critique" if you will, but I'm making my mission more of the world finding a better taste in music.

Make sense?

So please, just check out who I post. Become a fan. Follow them. Like them. Download their free music if it is available.

Most of all, keep on supporting real artists.