Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Okay, so kudos to Martin. He's been a part of admin for one day, and he already has my static pages up. And little does he know, I have another project for him already. *insert mischievous text emoticon here*

And because I am quite the busy little bee, I don't have time tonight to post over Mikey Kendorzski... or however you spell. I did that from memory, so if it's actually right, I would be in shock. That will be my follow up tomorrow.

Right now I'm just informing the public about the amazing and spectacular changes to the site, and let everyone know they need to wish me luck tomorrow on my AP U.S. History test. (The main reason why I cannot post over good Mikey... I need as much sleep as possible tonight!)

Martin and I. My favorite picture of us.

So anyways, keep an eye out for more changes! I would also like to remind you all that the Nightbirds are working on their new release, and that MishaRecords has just finished recording his next song. I also hope all of y'all took advantage of CHALLENGER!'s freebie. And also be watching for a contest/deal with all my followers. Right now I only have one (S/O to BCailin!) so I mean, if you want all the prizes to go to them, then be my guest. Otherwise I suggest to follow, because I'm feeling some epic stuff coming up.

That's all. (:

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