Monday, June 4, 2012

Challenge 1.

Remember this guy?

He's pretty awesome, and makes some pretty awesome music. (Don't know him? Check out my post over MishaRecords here. Or listen to him on PureVolume.)

Alright so MishaRecords and I have decided to join forces together, and create a challenge for you guys. It's very simple, very easy, and it benefits you... and I... and Misha. Be apart of this fun thing that's happening.

Rules are:
  1. Follow my blog.
  2. Email me after you follow. Pretty simple email:
  3. After that I will then email you MishaRecords's song!
He's already emailed me the song, so it's waiting for you!

The song that you will be sent is going to be pulled from iTunes, with the cover art and lyrics embedded into it...
And the choice that we made is... (drum roll please) Never Look Back! My favorite one (;

Not only that, but if you are one of the first five to follow, you'll get a free download of his not-yet-released By My Side.
So when do you need to follow by?
Follow by June 24, 2012.
There is no catch. There is no spam.
Just make sure to follow, and have an email sent to me!

If this hits, I'll be sure to be providing plenty of free music.

(Special thanks to Misha for helping me with all of this! You have been amazing and so cooperative, and not to mention great at throwing out some awesome ideas for me. I really appreciate your support. You rock. Literally. Ha. I got your back <3)

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