Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Consumed By The Avalanche.

I found a band with an interesting spin on their respective genres. Extremely impressed, just by their intro As Everything Caves!

Name: Consumed By The Avalanche
Genres: Alternative/Rock/Progressive
Where to find them:

Really wish they had posted about Facebook or Twitter!

Alright, so just to prepare, this band has only instrumentals up at the moment, so not too much to be said, but man do their instrumentals pack a punch! I'm especially impressed by the guitar, and I really love what they did with the beat.

I feel like they took an interesting spin on their genres, because it truly is all three genres combined. Typically (I have found) artists will put multiple genres up that describe them and what they like to do. But they aren't really combined. Not here though. Consumed By The Avalanche has figured out how to take all three, and sew them together with creativity, ingenuity, and originality.

Definitely will be watch for music from them!

(I got a recent comment from an anonymous reader that was disappointed in the fact that there were no "metal" bands on my page. I would just like to clarify that I don't search out these bands; the bands message me. When I run out of bands, if I were to run out, I will search out bands. But I would also like to say that just because there isn't the genre "metal," there are still bands like that. Example: While I.)

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