Friday, June 8, 2012

Holiday Away.

One Direction goes Pop Punk. And more attractive (YES. I said it. More attractive.). And well, more talented.

Name: Holiday Away
Genre: Pop Punk
Where to find them:

Alrighty, so all original this time ha. No covers. And I must say, the lyrics are great. I love the songs. I love what the music has to say. It's all something that can be taken in by everyone. Now as for the singing.. Eh. But as I said before, sometimes imperfect singing adds to it. You feel like they are real. Not saying Holiday Away shouldn't try to approve, but you catch my drift.

As for their instrumental, much better. Love the guitar. Love the drums. Love it all. It's all very balanced. Well played, and not to mention something to rock to. My head is literally bobbing right now. I don't head-bob. Just fyi.

Go listen. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised. 3 free downloads on PureVolume. Who can complain about free music?

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