Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mr. Saint Hope.

Yay! Fellow Texan! I'm so excited to write this.

Name: Mr. Saint Hope
Genres: Acoustic/Indie/Ambient
Where to find him:

Okay so the only word that is popping into my mind at the moment is weird. 

Listen, and you'll know why.

This isn't the kind of weird that makes you feel weird though. It's just weird. A word which I just looked up and found that we have been using it in the wrong sense for quite some time, but a word that still applies. Mr. Saint Hope makes music that sound supernatural. 

I think the best genre that is listed to describe this music is ambient. The music itself surrounds you, and your mind, and puts you in that comfy place that I have talked about before. I feel as if my mind is being numbed just by listening without really listening. If I were to take a moment to stop and really listen, I'm quite sure that I would just stop. 

Which in reality, we all need to do.

So make it stop. Go to PureVolume and listen. 

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