Saturday, June 16, 2012

Coverage of the Aaron Watson Concert.


Awesome, okay, so this past week I was in Lubbock, TX for some 4-H contests, and we were lucky to have Aaron Watson come give us a concert on Thursday, June 14, 2012.

I listen to country music, and I've been to other Texas country concerts (Kyle Park twice, and Josh Abbott, and later this summer I'll be seeing Wade Bowen.) but I must say I have yet to be as impressed as I was with Aaron Watson.

He had an amazing presence up on the stage, as did the rest of his band. They walked up and immediately everyone glued their attention to the stage. There was no more pushing and shoving to get closer... there wasn't any yelling at someone in the front or trying to move from the back. Nope, the entire crowd just put everything they had to him.

I also fell in love with the fact that he was talking to us, the crowd, individually. He was reading tweets that people were tweeting while at the concert. He really was connecting with us, and to me, it made me feel as if he really and truly wanted to be there. I feel like, as a listener/fan, that is something extremely important to have. You want to be warm and welcoming and have the audience right at home with you.

Not only was his personality great, but his music was on target as well.
We all know those bands that sound amazing on the radio, but then you hear them live and you're thinking, "WTF? I paid money to come hear this?"
Not Aaron Watson. His vocals were amazing, and Damian (the sexy fiddler) was right on top of what he was doing. There were no mess ups (that were noticeable.. I don't know what was supposed to happen) and there was no floundering.

After the concert, I bought a tank top, and met him. He signed my shirt (duh ha) and we took a picture. He is first off, the most sexy Texas country singer that I have ever met, and secondly, he was so sweet! And he's a really good hugger.

I'm so happy that I was able to have this experience and I would like to thank Texas 4-H for putting this concert together. Thank you to Aaron Watson and your band for putting on an amazing and memorable show. It'll be tough for Wade Bowen to beat it.

Sorry about the quality of the photos. Took them with my iPhone, since I suck and forgot my camera ha. 

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