Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Mid-Summer Classic.

The motivation behind this one was that homeboy Cory texted me asking about who these guys were... Since I didn't know, me and him sat down and did a little listening on iTunes and YouTube to come up with the following opinion

Name: The Mid-Summer Classic
Genre: Unlisted. I would put them under alternative/pop
Where to find them:

You can find their singer, Robert Dobbs, on Instagram and Twitter as well. His Instagram name is robertdobbs, and the Twitter link is:
It would also appear that I have just stumbled upon the band's Twitter as well... their "at" name is: @TMSCband. 
Knock yourself out. I must give tonight's post a warning label however... I have taken a sufficient amount of NyQuil to like, drug myself ha. It's bad. I'm really trying here thouhg, so hopefully it won't be too bad!

Let's begin, shall we?

I will begin this post with the best. The Mid-Summer Classic has a clean, crisp sound that is beautifully mastered and most likely technically perfect. Everything about their music is tailored and just perfect. The vocals have no mess ups; the instruments hit every note...

I will have to say though, perfection is overrated and originality is somethign that can be used and utilized. 

As much as I would love to say that I love TMSC, Cory and I both agreed that while they were good, very good, they were not their own band. They were a cookie cutter version of other bands.

And while beginning bands can pull that off, the fact that I will be seeing you at Warped Tour on the first upsets that balance.

All in all though I think that the public will accept them, and they'll probably shoot to the top soon.

That's all folks!

Information from: 
  • Robert's Instagram
  • Facebook
Picture from:
  • Facebook cover photo

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