Friday, June 29, 2012

Social Networking.

Hello there fantastic world of music lovers.

Just informing you of my own social network sites that available for you to stalk, creep, ignore, follow, friend, and etc.

I have debated over and over about whether I want to give out this information, but I decided that I should, because really there's no true information about me on any of these connecting sties... ha.

So first off, I would like to go for the obvious one, my Twitter profile. My "at" name is @Paige_Oliviaa and the link to my profile is:

That's for those of you a little too lazy to actually search "@Paige_Oliviaa" ha. 

Next up I'd like to share my Instagram. Same name paige_oliviaa. I'm out there. I love my IG and probably post 2-4 pictures a day. If you have interesting pictures, I will follow you back! Twitter on the other hand, eh... But IG, I will follow ha.

My email, which if you don't know by now then you need to begin paying attention, is

You can also "kik" me. Same name as everything else, "paige_oliviaa" ha. I try to keep everything the same because I'm very forgetful okay?! I will chat (: Just let me know who you are, and that you read my blog.

I have a Google+ profile. You can get to it by clicking on my name in the admin box. I will put you into my circles if you put me (: On there you'll be able to be updated on every post I do, since that's basically all that goes on there.

If you would like to Skype or Oovoo, my Skype name is "cheering4youu" and Oovoo's is ... well I'm not sure what my Oovoo name is but you can search my real name and you'll find me ha.

I do have Facebook, but no I will not add you. Sorry.

Well, that's all the updating that needs to be done I suppose! HMU ;D hahahaha.

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