Thursday, June 7, 2012

Check It Out 4.

Okay, so first post from the phone. Yay. So exciting.

Tonight is El Maton, so no time for a real post. Guess what that means... More songs! Whoo-hoo!

1. Confidence by Teddy Geiger - oldie but a goodie for sure. I love his original album version however, not the radio version. Throwback time ha.
2. Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne - keep the throwback going. I love this song... Partially because I have an aunt named Stacy, which means the song has to do with my grandma. Ha. But anyway, classic. This song will hold on through the ages (;
3. Feel the Tide by Mumford and Sons - I love this band so much. Their folksy sound mixed with deep lyrics really create an amazing feeling.
4. Rolling in the Deep by Go Radio - obviously a cover. But much better than the original.
5. Eyes Open by Taylor Swift - Olay so I'm not a big fan of T.Swift but this one is a good one. It was in the Hunger Games apparently ha.

Well everyone, enjoy your Thursday and enjoy these songs!

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