Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Angelic Attraction.

[Insert witty intro here]

Just kidding. Think originality, contradiction, and complete brilliance. Although, isn't that how it is? Brilliance comes from originality and contradiction.

Name: Angelic Attraction
Genres: Pop Punk/Rock
Where to find them: 
Well... I think I would have to start with the fact that this band has covers. First band I've come across with them, and to be honest, I really like covers. Even though it's not the band's original music, you can really see the character, personality, and substance of the band.

And that's what you can really grasp about Angelic Attraction. They have everything covered from Owl City to Vanessa Carlton. (Yea, Vanessa Carlton... 1000 Miles. Ha) So you see the variety of genres to begin with right there. But Angelic Attraction's versions do not sound similar in any shape, form or fashion. They have total punk flare with fresh vocals. From the screaming to the singing, you would think that the songs were written by Angelic Attraction themselves. 

It will definitely be interesting to hear their own music when it comes out. (The tracks available on PureVolume are apart of the EP called Before the EP ha. Love it.) So I'll be sure to keep you guys posted! In the mean time, enjoy the 5 free downloads on their PureVolume profile now.

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