Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Close.

This post is long overdue. Mike asked me to write about him back in May, and here we are, in September, and I'm just now doing it. Shoot me ha. Sorry bro.

Name: This Close
Genres: Pop/Rock
Where to find them:

(There are probably more places to find This Close. I just don't know them. Sorry guys!)

This Close isn't on PureVolume, which is part of the reason this has taken me so long. I absolutely hate using YouTube to listen to music because it's slow, and you can never find the official video or original. It's always people doing covers. Very aggravating. Anyway, I bought the single Runaway, and I must say... love it. It's quite the jam ha.

There's a sense of professionality in it that makes it seem as if This Close has been recording and selling hits for years now. It's a nice sound that comes out, well produced and well sang (Well sang? That doesn't sound like a real thing.). The guitar in that song really gets me. I always hear it and it feels like the first time every time. I get so excited.

How lame am I? Ha.

Anyways, you can find this single on iTunes, just type in Runaway by This Close. You'll see it. It's only 99 cents, so no excuses to not buy it.

Picture from: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.335708973130872.70016.299276933440743&type=3

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