Sunday, September 16, 2012

Of Monsters and Men.

Okay, so apparently this band isn't as known as I thought they were. If I would've known that, I would've done this post long ago.

Name: Of Monsters and Men.
Genre: Alternative/Indie/Rock
Where to find them:

You know I love this band personally and wholeheartedly because I just searched out their Facebook and Twitter. Normally if a band doesn't give me the links, I don't post them ha. But seriously, this band is primo.

Mumford & Sons is known, I know that much, and this band is comparable to them in the sense that they are folksy and old school, but they are completely different in the sense that they have a modern, new age twist on what they do. They're sound is one of their own. It's original and unlike any other that I know. I can say they sound like Mumford & Sons (which is true) but they are not Mumford & Sons (which is beautiful).

What I love most about this band is that the vocals are eerie and haunting. Their voices stay with you. I'm not sure if it's an Icelandic thing, or just Nanna's and Ragner's voices, but it's beautiful. They have such a raw talent that can't be contained. I love listening to every song of their's, because the power of their voices just bursts through the speakers. It's truly amazing.

Even if you don't like folksy music, or Mumford & Sons, or something off the wall, listen anyways, because Of Monsters and Men makes this work.

My personal favorite song is King and Lionheart. It's mine and Martin's song (: I decided.

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