Monday, August 27, 2012

Music for the Heart.

Everyone has a band that they turn to when they feel hurt or mad or upset. At least one song. It's human nature I believe to use music to heal pain. Mainly because music is so good at it. It says what we can't.

My favorite band, as of right now all time, is Pierce the Veil. It doesn't matter what mood I'm in, I can listen to them, and they up my mood. Happiness becomes escalated, and sadness is numbed. It's an amazing thing. Vic's voice sings me to sleep almost every night, no joke ha.

I fall in love with every song I hear by them, and when I saw them at Warped Tour, I fell in love. Flat faced on the floor with my heart on my sleeve. Everything about their performance was amazing, and you guys know how I am... I like my bands to be good onstage, in radio, and in the heart.

Personally my favorite song to listen to is Caraphernelia. It has emotional connections for me to someone else, but every lyric touches my heart. I can relate to everything they sing. It's amazing.

So who is yours?
Who do you turn to?

Let me know.

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