Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Suck. I Know.

Wow. So this girl has been M.I.A. for a little too long. I know, and I apologize right here, right now.

I really can only say that life has been kicking my ass lately, so it's been hard rolling. See - get ready for some life story - I'm going to be a senior. And I'm a very involved senior. And while music is my utmost and most passionate passion that I have, there are so many things I do that take up way too much time.

I will gladly say though that after cheer camp (no Internet, no time, and no headphones. What the hell was I thinking?) and after being on the verge of dying for the past couple weeks (coughing, fever, chills, pains, sore throat, headaches... fun business.), I am officially back on the blogging map. It's also been hard to find some new artists. I need to get rolling on PureVolume and Twitter (@Paige_Oliviaa) so I can find y'all some new obsessions!

Although I will say I went on a music buying spree the other day, so I do have some interpreting and opinion-giving to do! How exciting.

Well, as for now, I'm going to reward myself for finishing up half of my summer assignment (take that Frankenstein and Beowulf!) by getting plenty of sleep, so I may wake up, and go watch The Campaign tomorrow for the second time. Insert smiling emoji with teeth showing here.

Night lovers. Listen to that music <3

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