Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flobots: Rediscovered.

Okay, so everyone has to remember the Flobots. Right? No? Not so much?

Well if you do not know who the Flobots are, you will know one of their songs... Handlebars. Still don't know? Well then you had no life in between the years of 2006-2007ish. Sucks to suck and the rest of this post will be the greatest discovery of your life. Promise.

I remember this song in 6th grade. If you could rap the words, then you were the coolest kid ever. No lie. Even back then we knew how amazing this song was, without even really knowing what a golden tune we were listening to.

I almost never listen to the radio... way too many commercials. But for some reason the other day, I said, "94.5 now!" and changed to the radio. Lo and behold, it was on a commercial, but right as I went to change it, what song comes on? That's right class, Handlebars by Flobots. I couldn't change the station then, because this golden nugget from my past was blasting through my speakers.

As I listened to it, I heard it with all my new knowledge of music and realized, "Holy crap... these guys were geniuses." Every part of the song is an absolute work of a creative genius... from the instrumental to the lyrics, every part is just genius. (I understand the repetitiveness of this, but that's literally the word to describe this song.)

The fact that this is a rap song mixed in with alternative backgrounds mixed in with jazz roots. The trumpet in the background is my favorite part of the song, mainly because it's so original and the trumpet player is so good at playing. The lyrics also have such an interesting meaning. They make you think. I'm not going to try to analyze them for you, because the only people who know what they mean are Flobots themselves. This song is, without argument, way ahead of its time. If it were to come out again, now, I can almost guarantee that it would've hit bigger than it did back in the day, which is saying something, because it hit the top of the charts for the longest time then.

If you haven't ever heard this song or this band, here.
The music video straight from their Vevo. You're welcome.

I must go to sleep for my senior year tomorrow now. Whoot whoot.

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