Friday, July 27, 2012

Movie Music.

So for some reason, lately I have been watching SO many movies. Like a ridiculous amount.

And I always listen to the music (oh my, big shock.) and think, "Wow, whoever did this was rocking it!" or "Holy crap, this is terrible."

So far, I have decided that the Step Up series has the absolute worst music choices. Not for the fact that the music they pick is bad... it's usually the top of the charts tunes. But the fact that they're trying so hard to be new and hot, and they use the music to get people to go see the movie in the first place really turns me off. Why not find some new underground rappers, like Juss Russ? Give someone else a job, some coverage. Usher, and Jay-Z, and whoever else they have don't need that coverage.

Just saying.

The best music I've heard in a movie so far has to be from... Over the Hedge! No joke ha. I love that movie. One of my favorites for multiple reasons that we will not go into, for the fact that this is a music blog, not a reasons-why-Paige-has-a-weird-obsession-with-the-cartoon-kid-movie-of-animals.
If you have never seen this movie, and you're wondering why I would even say it has the best music, I'm going to need you to stop what you're doing right now, go to the store and buy the DVD, go home, put it into your television, watch it, and allow your mind to be blown.
My favorite song from the soundtrack is Rocking the Suburbs by Ben Folds. Folds actually did most of the music in the movie, and he did a fabulous job.

So, now I would like you guys to email me, or comment, or tweet, or tweegram, or what-ever, me your favorite movie soundtrack.(:

First one to give me feedback will receive a free download!

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