Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Warped Tour Tips.

Okay, so I wish someone would have told me this stuff before I went.

To the point this post shall be, for I am celebrating the birth of our country.

1. Buy a backpack there.
- I brought a small purse, that went across the chest, but no. And don't bring a backpack, because they sell the absolute cutest ones there! They're about $25, which isn't that bad.

2. Bring your own bottle.
- A bottle of water, Coke, Gatorade, whatever, but have your own bottle going in there, because drinks are like $5 if you buy them there, and you can fill up water for free at the free water stations. So just bring it in, and then fill her up!

3. Wear minimal clothing.
- There are going to be girls there in bikinis, and guys in short shorts, so have no fear of looking "slutty" or something. It gets hot. So it's okay, and it's worth it.

4. Don't wear flip flops.
- There were people walking around in them, and I have no idea how! My feet got stepped on so much, that I'm sure their toes were hurting. I personally wore some Vans from their surf collection. Just make sure they're closed toed and comfy and you'll be fine.

5. Download the Warped Tour app.
- It'll help a lot. Plus you get 10 free songs when you download it, so why not?

6. Check out Battle of the Bands.
- You never know who might be over there that you like!

7. Go to the Monster Bar.
- There's AC. There's a place with real chairs to sit down. There's free Monster. Need I say more? The line may be long but it's so worth it.

8. Get your tickets beforehand.
- Like, go to TicketMaster and pick those MoFo's up, because the Will Call line was ridiculously long, as well as the line to purchase there! Cory and I bought ours online - there is a $9 convenience charge, that is so worth it - and then walked straight in!

9. Go with friends.
- Duh, right? Well there were some people alone, and it was sad ha. But I suggest going with a group of 2-4. We walked around and it was typically me, Cory, and Morgan, which was perfect. We all wanted to pretty much see the same people and no one wanted to mosh really.. But then we met up with my friends Juan and Shirley, expanding our group to 5, and the boys went to mosh while us girls stood back. It was a good balance. So don't go with a million friends, but do have someone there.

10. Meet at least one person/band/group/thing.
- We met Miss May I's Levi Benton. I don't even listen to them that much, and it was still awesome. So just do it. Take advantage of the opportunity. I'm not saying wait in a long ass line for someone, but just keep an eye out. The lead singer of Vampires Everywhere! was just hanging out at their merch tent for awhile.

I also would like to say I took about $150 and I spent about $130. Just to give an idea on how much to bring. I didn't eat though. I stayed hungry for the sake of me buying pointless things I didn't really need... ha!

I hope everyone has an awesome Warped experience like I did! I would like to specially thank Cory for driving me out there, and "babysitting" (; ha. I had a great time spending my entire day with you. And I would also like to thank Morgan for being there and making my day even better! Barely knew you, and we were best friends (; haha.
Both of y'all are awesome, and I can't wait to hang out again! We must get together soon. <3

Anyway, have a blast! Share your experience. Email me about it, and I'll hook you up with some free tunes from a band that played there. (Oh snap!)


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